CRB Insurance found some great resources on insurance basics, home and renters insurance, auto, life and everything in between.

Home and Renters Insurance Policies

More than the place that you live, a home is where memories are created and shared. Learn about safeguarding your home from common hazards--and how to purchase the right amount and type of coverage to protect your family and their possessions. Check out what the Insurance Information Institute has to say: Homeowners Insurance Information


Grab the wheel with confidence. Find definitions, answers and other essential information from how to shop for an auto policy that best fits your needs and budget to the most important steps to take if your vehicle has been involved in an accident. Here is a list of good Auto Coverage Questions.

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms from the Hanover Insurance Group

Disaster Assistance

Standard homeowners policies cover a wide range of potential disasters, from tornadoes to lightning strikes to winter storm damage. Policies do vary, though, so for your own peace of mind, check yours for the specific perils covered. Learn what's generally covered by each homeowners insurance policy type—and what's not. Here's a handy guide to coverage by policy type.

What to do in the event of an Accident

What are your first steps? Contact your agent or company immediately. Determine:

  • Whether the damage is covered under the terms of your policy
  • how long you have to file a claim
  • whether your claim exceeds your deductible (the amount of loss you agree to pay before insurance kicks in)
  • how long it will take to process the claim
  • whether you’ll need estimates for repairs

Learn more on how to handle a claim.