Who We Are

About Us

CRB Insurance Agency is an Independent Insurance Agency. This means we represent and have contracts with many different Insurance Companies. This allows us to try and develop some of the broadest and most cost effective programs available for either personal or corporate clients. We are members of the IIA and the WIAA the Largest association serving the Independent Insurance Agencies in the United States and Wisconsin.

Our Clients

CRB Insurance Agency has clients across the continental United States, and runs several national programs. We have non resident licenses in many states. Please note however that there are some states that we are not presently licensed to do all lines of business. Please contact CRB to determine if we can assist you with your insurance needs in your particular location.


CRB Insurance Agency began as a partnership between Mr. William H. Carpenter and Mr. John D. Rowland in 1903. They operated an insurance and real estate firm from an office on Monument Square in downtown Racine, WI. In 1924 John S. Rowland (Jack) joined the firm after attending Center College in Danville, KY. On May 5, 1931 incorporation papers were filed for Carpenter-Rowland Company, Inc. In 1951 Jack Rowland was elected president after the death of William Carpenter. In order to expand the business, Mr. John J. Batenburg merged with the firm and the Corporation was renamed Carpenter, Rowland, Batenburg Company Inc. in 1954. Jack Rowland's son, J. David Rowland joined the Company in 1957 after graduation from Cornell University, and University of Wisconsin, Madison Law School; he completed his legal internship with John Hand, Attorney-at-Law, then a Director of CRB. John Batenburg served as president from 1967 to 1972 when Jack Rowland retired as Chairman of the Board. David Rowland became president in 1972, and then Chairman in 1980 with the retirement of Mr. Batenburg.



John S. Rowland II became the fourth generation of the Rowland family to enter the business in 1979 after graduation from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.  John then entered an 18 month program with the Commercial Union Insurance Company in Boston where he trained in all areas of the insurance business.  Soon after returning to Racine in 1981, John was asked to head up a joint venture with Heritage (now Johnson) Bank.  Heritage/CRB grew and after 4 years CRB turned down an acquisition offer to remain independent. After serving a variety of roles within the corporation, John Rowland was named President in January 1994. David Rowland retains the position of Chairman of the Board.



CRB Insurance Agency has grown substantially since it's founding in 1903. CRB has acquired a number of agencies over the years. Some of those acquisitions are the Pfost Agency in 1967, the Collins Agency in 1976, the Mutchler Karas Agency in 1993, the Al Simonsen Agency in 1995, and the Bill Mutchler Agency in  2002.                          .